Aim & Objective

The main aims of the Foundation are :
  • To promote the ‘Yoga and Naturopathy’ in all over the India.
  • To provide easy, prompt effective and cheap Health environment in yoga and Naturopathy through various institutions.
  • To guide and help the Yoga Naturopathy practitioners who have already completed their course and engaged in practice.
  • To guide the Executive Committee of the board and to guide the practitioners of this system.
  • To run Yoga and Naturopathic colleges,institutes/centers and hospitals in various parts of the Country to promote Yoga and Naturopathic system of health.
  • To hold examination of the courses and provide certificates and diploma to those who qualify the examination.
  • To publish literature and to provide the good study material to the students and practitioners.
  • To seek co-ordination and support from all individuals,agencies,associations.Government and nations.
  • The executives committee of the Foundation will frame rules, in accordance with the spirits and aim of the certification for the smooth functioning of the Foundation.
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