• The Right of Yoga and Naturopathy thrapists are well protected under article 19(I)(g)of constitution of India. Since it is working with the aim of 'promotion, development & research' and at this stage.
  • There is no ban on the use and peactice of thease harmless methods of healing as was judged by the hon"ble high court of calcutta ,in 1991 . The historical judgement of alternative syestem of AYUH can be seen in CACUTTA LAW JOURNAL.
  • Hon"ble Delhi High Court (Division Bench) consisting of Justice Y.K Sabarwal, the then acting Cheif justice and justice S.K Gupta and framed the rules regarding the legality of Diploma/Certificate and hence entitling practice.
  • On 21.11.2000 the Bench of the Hon"ble Court Comprising Justice Rajendra Babu and B.N.Agarwal declined to and SLP(Delhi Govt. and Union of India)has been dismissed.
  • Hon"ble Jabalpur High Court has issued the order to the council on 19.03.1999 in Writ.No.2018 of 1992 the petitioners have right practice and impart education in alternative system of Health.
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