Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulation

Indian Fopundation for YOGA and Naturopathy, New Delhi is an autonomous organization imparting education in Yoga and Naturopathic system through regular classes, correspondence courses and practical training through our affiliated institutions and centres.


Procedure of affiliation

  • An application for affiliation on prescribed form and should be given to Registrar of the Council alongwith Rs.15000/- as processing fee.The management Committee of the applicant Institutions/Centre shall have to pay T.A &D.A of the convener as per rules.
  • The T.A. of Convenor will be 1st Class fare of both ways and Rs.1000/per day,as D.A.
  • The Convenor submits his report to the Executive Council.
  • The Executive Council will take decision about the affiliation.
  • The Registrar can give provisional affiliation/permission subject to the confirmation of the Executive Committee of the Council in such circumstances when Executive Council is not meeting shortly and it is the interest of the Institute/Center and Council to give affiliation.
  • The Registrar can inspect himself or can depute any inspecting authority.
  • If the Registrar deputes some one as inspecting authority, he will submit his report to the Registrar.


Affiliation of the Institution:

  • Application for the affiliation should be given on prescribed Form “Annexure No.1’’.The Fee the Prescribed Form will be Rs.1000/ .
  • There shall be two types of Institute/centers.
  • Fully controlled by the Foundation and
  • Affiliated Institute.
  • Central Registration Fee will be paid by the Institution only once.
  • State Registration Fees one time
  • Centers will be allotted on a strength of 100 students otherwise the students will have to appear at the nearest allotted centre.


  • Student shall be abide by all rules and decorum and orderly behavior in the Institute.
  • Every student is required to keep an Identity Card duly affixed with photograph and signed by the Principal of the Institution.
  • Any student found guilty or misbehavior, disobedience of student, neglect of studies or orders of the Principal shall be liable to fine, suspension or expulsion. Student found guilty of carelessness, breakage or removal of the Institute, belongings shall be taken to disciplinary action.
  • Any student who wishes to discontinue his studies from the Institute shall submit to the Principal a formal application and deposit the necessary dues up to the date.
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