Indian Foundation of Yoga and Naturopathy Establisted in the year 1994 under S.R.Act.

Its a statutory body with the responsibility of establishing and maintaining high standards of Yoga and Naturopathy education and recognition of alternative Medicines and therapies qualifications in India. It registers Yoga and Naturopathic therapists to practice in India, in order to protect and promote the health and safety of the public by ensuring proper standards in the Education and Practice. The Foundation grants recognition of Yoga and Naturopathic qualifications, gives accreditation/affiliation to Yoga and Naturopathy colleges/institutions’ guidance and Examination centres and monitors them

This Foundation is conducting many Colleges/Institutes and Training/study Centre in All over india with its clinics and hospitals.The various certificate ,diploma and P.G level courses conducted by the colleges/Institutes.

Dr, V.Kumar chairman : whose enthusiastic efforts,zeal & devotion to this Yoga and Naturopathy made possible to reach at the grassroots level.He thought that for the progress of this science, a platform was needed to jump where it may become possible to advance the cause of Yoga and Naturopathy

The Foundation is regularly conducting annual Examinations of various Yoga and Naturopathic courses for the betterment of the system & for the qualified Yoga Teachers/instructors so they can provide their services to the needy people of India.This Foundation is conducting Seminars, conferences, get together convocation and free aid camp in various portion of the country by the independent all India.

After completing yoga Course ,Yoga Certification candidate has to pass QCI ExaminationforGovt.Job. IFYN is also the member of QCI( Quality Council of India).

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